Coffee for restaurant, the importance of quality

Coffee is the most loved drink in the world and even in Italy, for centuries, it has been part of our daily habits. A steaming cup is a must just wake up for most of us; in the rest of the day, instead, we sip coffee for a relaxing break between friends or for a business meeting.

Obviously you must not miss at the end of a meal and, for this reason, every restaurant must pay the utmost attention to the quality of the coffee served so that its customers can keep a good memory of a lunch or dinner.

From this point of view, different aspects are fundamental, from the selection of the mixture to the good maintenance of the machine up to the mastery of the barista who must be able to guarantee the maximum possible pleasantness. If once, in fact, a bad coffee for restaurant was tolerated, today consumers are much more demanding and it is essential for each manager to select excellent coffee for restaurant.

Coffee at the restaurant: the importance of quality

But what are the steps to get a good coffee for restaurant? Without wanting to enter into too technical topics, it is necessary that:

  • the supplies of professional products are of quality;
  • the espresso machine is always properly maintained and cleaned. All components must be constantly cleaned, from the table to the tray to the dispensing units. Only in this way, a restaurant will be able to serve a large number of good coffee;
  • check regularly the correct water pressure and the proper functioning of the filter, filter holder and gaskets;
  • the operator carries out his work with passion but also applying all the tricks of the trade known with study and experience;
  • the correct cup is used, since the aroma of the drink is also influenced by the colour, shape and material of the container.

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