Where to find a farmhouse in Florence

What is the agritourism and what services does it offer?


When we use the term agritourism we are referring to a particular type of tourism in which guests find themselves staying on a farm.


When you decide to go to an agritourism, you can explore the peculiarities of the agricultural environment, completely immersing yourself in the life of those who work on a farm.


This type of activity aims to make its products known by letting customers taste them and offering them during meals that will be consumed at the establishment itself.


In this way it will be possible to raise awareness of the small companies that are scattered throughout the Italian territory, so as to promote them and make them grow.



Where to find a farmhouse near Florence


Florence is a beautiful city where culture, tradition and modern art blend in perfect harmony, creating a rich and dynamic city, frequented by many people and always on the move.


If you want to try this experience, and you wish to be able to reside for a few days in a farmhouse in Florence, what I invite you to do is go and visit the Casa Del Pozzo website where you can find all the information you need regarding this service and where you will find their contact details to get in touch with them directly to make an appointment and then book your stay at the farmhouse.

To be able to do all this and start your wonderful adventure, you just need to make a quick click with the mouse on the words that have been written in highlighted and you will be immediately sent back to their web page.


For sure you will not be disappointed by these experiences indeed I am sure you can recommend it and that you will want to pass it on to all the people you know.